still life oil painting approaches blue stripes joseph besch

still life oil painting joseph besch

Working on a still life is a chance for me to take time & slow down.

I don't have the added pressure of working directly from someone, so I make sure everything is just right. I am often arranging objects for awhile before I find a composition that interests me.

A still life painting, to me, has more potential to be abstract than other representational genres.

More potential for hiding ideas.

I am interested in having conversations about what painting itself is. What it's made of, how it's put together

My paintings should be the visual record of the ideas of a painting being ripped apart.

When arranging a painting, I usually start with some fabric, sometimes decorated, often just white as a backdrop, or ground. This represents the canvas itself.

These paintings also have a different vantage point than the viewer has.

Often, still lives are seen 'straight on', matching the viewers point of view,

which helps to understand the effect of 'a window to the world' I am looking at it differently. Looking down, or at about 45 degrees.

still life oil painting broken glass wedding painting

about these paintings

blue stripes

I found this transparent fabric, and could see it in a painting. On the surface, it has these great blue stripes, but also translucent, so you can see it build up.

untitled fabric painting

This painting is a muted challenge to myself. Painting realistically fabric with it's light source coming mostly from above, but also from underneath. Anchoring the piece to the bottom right, is a jar of oil; what the painting is made from.

broken glass

My wife was collecting containers for decorations for our upcoming wedding. She was looking for ones that were tinted purple in from sunlight. I collected a few broken ones and put this piece together.


Containers interest me. What are they holding?

I want the viewer to put their ideas in them. In this painting, it's and old milk container. My grandfather used to put his change in it, for my college savings. Which I used to study painting. On the other side is still a masking tape label, it still says joey besch in his handwriting.

still life oil painting joseph besch glowing orange

Joseph Besch

September 2019