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Haven't sent out a newsletter sense before all this stuff.

Quarantine, a new day job, hipbone studios was closed for much of 2020. I slowed down my painting practices.

In 2021 I've managed to get back to work. This issue will mostly be paintings I've been working on this year.

First, some updates.

Finished 2 new paint making videos on my youtube channel. I've finally finished my short on making cinnabar pigment, years on and off in the making. Also a short about black pigments, a color that I finally gave in and put on my palette after 22 years! I started to make one about walnut oil. But it didn't work. Maybe I'll give it another shot at some point.

I had 2 paintings in the show 'Nude' at Queen City 15 gallery in Poughkeepsie New York, and my painting 'Austin' won 1st place!

Something else I've always resisted putting on my palette is mediums other than linseed oil. I've tried most everything and couldn't get into most of it. BUT.

I've made a batch of maroger.

And I'm a fan. It was a horrible stink to cook it up. Next time I'll make it far outside and not in the studio (attacked garage).

And now I have a store from on my website. I'll try to keep recent works and a few odds & ends. please check it out!

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Joseph Besch

September 2021