Joseph makes paintings based on the figure, or still life; genres based on direct observation. Bringing old world techniques and materials into a contemporary world to create works that focus on realism and its relationship to the painted surface.

As a teenager in the late nineties the first artistic expressions were making comic zines. The approach to making these influences his artistic ideologies in multiple ways; the first being in order to learn the human figure, by having weekly sessions in the life room. Learning to draw from the model at age 15, and continuing that tradition today.

Somehow the fascination shifted from making comics and telling stories, to the sensations of using oil paint. Influences found in the work of contemporary figurative painters like Euan Uglow and Jenny Saville, and working back to Velazquez and Rembrandt.

The second zine influence is the DIY approach. Learn to own the means of production. Starting with some carpentry to make canvas’s and frames, and expanding into making oils, pigments, and paints. A process that brings more fascination with the painted surface as it continues.

Joseph Studied painting at the Savannah College of Art, and was introduced to a great art community, where curiosity and experimentation were a large part of learning. That curiosity continues in Oregon, seeking out new paint formulations to make painting come more alive.

Joseph Besch