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I want to make paintings that have the DNA of a different time. Today, everything in our life is formed by chemists in laboratories, including most colors that we can make paints from. If you look at paintings from before the industrial revolution (the good ones), they have a whole different life and DNA about them. A large part of this was the studio environment, where the artist and assistants where responsible for making colors from scratch. Alchemy not Chemistry.
And how we look has changed, it is unusual to take the time away from screens and quietly visually take in the world around you. Drawing from live models and still lives has much more potential to reveal more than a static photograph could.
These are the themes I care about when I'm in the studio. It's a work in progress, I'm sure I will always be learning more, but I make what I can from scratch; linseed oil from flax seeds, flake white from sheets of lead, earth tones from dirt gathered from hikes.
making things easier doesn't mean better, I belief that it takes a lot of work to make something special.

Joseph Besch

January 2018